Hopeless Love by Lavinia Beltana

Hopeless Love

Worlds collide when Lilly meets a man who helps her discover what really matters to her in life. The only problem is her best friend standing in the way of her happiness. She’s faced with an ultimatum that forces her to decide between what she wants and what she needs, but what is she willing to sacrifice to get there? Her choices have the power to alter the lives of everyone around her.

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“I want to be free of living every day as if I’m in a play, acting out some part everyone else needs me to play.”

Starting Over by Lavinia Beltana

Starting Over

When Peter endures an untimely death, he leaves behind his wife and teenage son to navigate life without him. As grief transforms the relationships that surround them, they discover how those factors influence how they decide to deal with their pain, or not. What they discover will test the bond between mother and son, changing the course of their lives forever.

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“He’s trying to live his own life, but he doesn’t want to let you down, and to him, the two concepts seem to conflict.”