Growing Micro-greens with cheesecloth

Micro-greens are fast and fun to grow. Whether you are growing these for their nutritional value or just as a project with kids, it will be a great experience. I have been gardening to some extend for most of my life. I have tried soil 

Solar Charged Inverter Box

Solar Charged Inverter Box

Overview: This all started with my father-in-law deciding to get a season long campsite for his camper this summer. At night he needs to run several breathing machines which require 120 volt AC. In the past he has just run his generator through the night 

Water leak detector (Life Hack)

This is instructions on how to turn a cheap smoke detector into a water leak detector. I do not have picture of my setup but I did find this video which shows the setup pretty well. . Next time I visit the grandparents I 

Pool Filter (Life Hack)

Pool Filter (Life Hack)

If you are like me, the last thing you want to think about this summer is pool maintenance. We have a basic 15 ft x 4ft framed pool we put up each summer. This pool comes with a simple skimmer / pump and pool filter. 

Creating a Website

For those of you who are just getting started with a website or maybe even those who are seeking to improve their existing website, I hope you find this post helpful. I want to cover some basic elements that I think every website owner should 

I Do What I Want!

Just like my corner in the basement, my wife has given me a corner in her website, isn’t she wonderful? I spent many hours figuring out the technical aspects of this website and have constructed it from the ground up. Of course, Liv has provided